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Zazzle has a new look today! (A minor facelift, but we hope you noticed.) And, as you have probably gathered by now, it includes this tasty new addition, zNews. What is zNews and what should you expect to see here? Well, given that this is our first post, we’re not exactly sure, but the goal is to make it the information nexus for all things Zazzle-related. We’ve been spreading bits of news via email, phone, person and print for a long time, so we figure it’s about time to spread it via the site itself.

We’ll do our best to give you the inside scoop on website changes and enhancements, new product lines, content additions, upcoming features, and more. In return, we want to hear from you! All Zazzlers — customers, contributors and collections alike — are welcome to share announcements, commentary, experiences, and product action photos. There are no rules, so surprise us! If Zazzle has affected you in some way, be it large or small, it’s probably zNewsworthy. We’ll pick the most unique and creative submissions and post them here.

Come back often to stay updated on all of the improvements and additions that are on the way. zNews should be an insightful guide, and promises to be a lot of fun with your contributions. Send your zNews to zNews@zazzle.com (preferably with pictures) and, as always, SuggestionBox@zazzle.com hungrily awaits any and all suggestions, kudos, and comments.

- Zazzle Website Team


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