Push Through It All


viscosity_sm.jpgZazzler Nicholas Rougeux has some amazing indy art and fractal posters in his gallery. He has some zNews to share with us …

I have designed my fair share of posters in the past few years and one of my favorites is still one of my earlier images, Viscosity. As with most of my other posters of this nature, there is a positive phrase displayed underneath the title and the one for this image is, “Push through it all.” I feel this is very important to remember during troubled times of any type. It represents that with all the chaos happening around you, nothing is impossible and you can get through it. I received this poster near the end of last year as an early birthday gift of my choice. I had been wanting a large poster of a fractal I made to fill an otherwise empty wall space and since Viscosity was one of my favorites at the time, it was the one I chose. Since then, it has not only acted as an inspiration and a reminder of the beauty that can be created with fractal art, but also as a nice piece of eye candy to view everyday. This poster is a joy to look at every day and I’m glad I created it. – Nicholas Rougeux
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We are glad you did as well! Check out more fractal posts from Nicholas here.

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