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bullfish.jpgKim Hutchinson has been a Zazzler since early 2004 and enjoys the art of digital painting, which entails using a digital camera, a scanner and a computer. She takes a digital photo and alters the image on her computer, similar to an artist painting on a canvas. She edits the form, changes the color and enhances/dims certain aspects of the image. The result is a stunning image like the one to the right. Kim shares with zNews:

It’s been a good year for me, artistically speaking. In the Fall, I was asked to create a digital painting to commemorate a local school’s 75th anniversary. My design now graces a Canadian postage stamp created especially for the school. Last Spring I was invited to apply to take part in Canada’s art display at Expo in Japan. Unfortunately I wasn’t chosen, but it was a huge honor to have been short-listed.

I attribute part of my success to my exposure here at Zazzle. Had I not had such a great Zazzle gallery, the agent for Expo would probably not have found me.

Thanks for the complement Kim! Keep us posted and best of luck in attending the art Expo next year.

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- Zazzle Community Team


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