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pemberton_oaks_badge.jpgPemberton & Oakes’ artwork of early childhood has gained critical recognition for its endearing depictions of everyday moments in a child’s life. Of these works, those based on paintings by Donald Zolan have captured the most awards. Now many of these works are available through Zazzle as a Special Collection of art posters!

The Thinker-sz200.jpgThe Pemberton & Oakes Special Collection features endearing and motivational images including The Thinker, Backyard Buddies and Touching the Sky. These bright pieces will bring life, light and inspiration to any room in your home or office! The collection includes over 30 of Pemberton & Oakes’ top works. Some more favorites are Brotherly Love, Two of a Kind and Seaside Treasures.

In addition to our design tools, be sure to check out the custom framing choices that Zazzle offers for your poster. There are dozens of borders and materials to choose from.

- Zazzle Special Collections Team


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