Neopets arrive at Zazzle!


neopets_badge.jpgHowdy, Zazzle Newshounds. Create them, groom them, watch them grow—and now, wear them? That’s right: Kacheek, Acara, Usul, Chomby and the rest of the Neopets gang have moved in to the Neopets Special Collection.

Neopets-Usul-sz125.jpgCreate a strappy tank or a retro-ringer T, featuring your favorite virtual pet.

Here’s Usul, a very friendly neopet and one of dozens that you will find in the Zazzle Neopet Special Collection. For the uninitiated, Neopets® is a free Virtual Pet Site on the Internet that has built a community of over 70 million virtual pet owners across the world … that’s a lot of pets!

- Zazzle Special Collections Team


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