PovComp Competition Update


pov-ray image-sz50.jpgAs a sponsor of the POVCOMP 2004 contest, Zazzle is proud to offer some of the most amazing 3D artwork ever produced!
The Last Guardian - z250.jpg
Check out Zazzle’s POVCOMP contest page to view the 25 winners and meet our really cool new scroll bar for image viewing. [Editor's Note: This was such a hit, we introduced this feature all over the site! Check out Meet Mr. Scrolly for details...]

The 1st place winner was “The Last Guardian” by Johnny Yip. As hard as it might seem to believe, the entire image was created digitally on Johnny’s computer.

In a place where time stands still, a lonely beast takes guard over the sacred water; it is the last creature of its kind, living proudly within the realm of fantasy and reality.

Second place was “The Kitchen” and the third place winner was “Dissolution”. Congrats to all the winners!

– Zazzle Website Team


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