zNews Upgrade and One-Year Birthday


This is the one-year birthday of zNews and to commemorate the event, we have launched a comprehensive upgrade of the page with new content, layout and tools. Hip-hip-hooray!! We hope that this page is a resource to the Zazzle community, providing valuable information, meaningful stories and great highlights of Zazzlers and their designs. We promise to update the page often and use your feedback to make it meaningful.

The new posting categories are:
(1) Contributors’ Corner: spotlight on Zazzle contributors, their stories, products and more!
(2) General News: representing the voice of the Zazzle community. Send us your favorite products, contributors, what you want to see … dream big!
(3) New Zazzle Features: in this section, you will learn about new products and website features that will help make your Zazzle experience that much better!
(4) Special Collections: our Special Collections team is working very hard to bring you the best variety and quality new content. Stay on the lookout – we promise not to disappoint.

The “permalink” on each post links to a page for each post that will stay permanent so you can share the story with a friend. The “reply” link will open an email address to Zazzle so that you may share your opinions, suggestions and ideas with us. If you ever have any zNews contributions, special news announcements or thoughts, send it to us at zNews@zazzle.com (news contributions) or SuggestionBox@zazzle.com (all other ideas and comments).

Happy Zazzling!

- Zazzle Website Team


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