Rock and Roll with Shift and Control


Trying to get an image lined up just right with the margins, text, or another image in the design area? Attempting to zoom a little slower or resize text a little faster? Now it’s easier! Today, Zazzle introduces Shift + Control functionality-especially for those designs that need more delicate (or even more robust) movement than the current directional tool offers. Shift (faster) and Ctrl (slower) even work with zooming your image and re-sizing text!

Want to nudge an image just a little bit, or a whole bunch? Follow the easy instructions below:
A little bit:
Simply press your Control key (Ctrl) while using your mouse to click the arrow in the direction you want the image to move. Your image will move slowly in your intended direction.


A whole bunch:
Hold Shift while using your mouse to click the arrow in the direction you want, and watch your image leap across the screen.

Every day, we try to think of ways to make Zazzle an even better experience for you…if you have suggestions on functionality we should add, drop us a line! Until then, stay tuned to Zazzle News…you never know what we’ll think of next!

- Zazzle Product Team


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