Otto Bergman freezes time on U.S. postage!


age_equals_stampvalue_sz125.jpgAn avid stamp collector for over 50 years, Otto has eagerly tracked the evolution of U.S. postage. When ZazzleStamps launched on July 18th, 2005, Otto was among the first to place an order. To capture the timeless memories of their lasting love, Otto submitted a series of images of himself and his wife, Joanne, dating back to the 1960s. One fun idea Otto thought of was to match the postage denomination with the couple’s age in the photo, such as the stamp to the right.

Using the Zazzle design tool, Otto also combined two pictures, one of himself as a young man and a second more recent picture, to make the stamp below. Great idea Otto!

two_pictures_sidebyside_sz125.jpg“As a long time postage stamp collector, it was always my dream to see my image on a stamp, and now with Zazzle that’s possible. I chose Zazzle as my source for personalized postage stamps due to the large rectangular image size, appealing design, flexibility of horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) formats, multi image options, quality printing, their discount structure for multi sheets having different designs, and prompt delivery. Many of my stamp design ideas are original, while some have come to me from seeing what others have done. I also find that Zazzle stamps make for great gifts.” – Otto

Otto continues to brainstorm innovative new uses for customized postage and we look forward to his future designs! If you would like to share a stamps story with the Zazzle community, send a note to Happy Zazzling!

- Zazzle Community Team


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