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suggBox_v2.gifSure, there are a lot of things happening here at Zazzle. We’re adding new features and content every day, launching Zazzle Stamps as a whole new product, receiving countless designs from Zazzlers all over the world and even fitting in a BBQ! But zNews isn’t just a place for us to share what’s happening — it’s a place for you to tell Zazzle-lovers what’s happening in your world. So here’s the plan.

Did one of your designs recently win an award? Do your friends and family love to wear your Zazzle-designed t-shirts (and do you have a photo?) Will your art be featured in an upcoming exhibition? If so, let us know! Send us your latest news at zNews@zazzle.com, and it may just appear right here on zNews or may help land you a Contributor spotlight.

Want to just share an opinion or let us know areas we could improve the web site or any part of the Zazzle experience? Send a note to SuggestionBox@zazzle.com. Don’t hold back — our Inbox is always open to input from contributors and shoppers. We rely on your feedback to make improvements to Zazzle … and we listen! Case in point: one of our contributors suggested that we try to feature a larger number of products and images on the products page. Great idea! We recently added three scrollies to the page, so that we can show twice the number of products in the same amount of space.

So what are you waiting for … send us your news and views today!

- Zazzle Website Team


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