Celebrate Your Summer!


storyTakeYourVacationHome.jpgAs summer comes to a close (didn’t it seem like it just started?!?) it’s natural for the mind to wander back, lingering over the memories of Summer 2005. But why leave a memory as just a memory? Some Zazzle contributors have taken their hot weather activities a step further, creating products that celebrate their own summer memories.

As usual, our contributors inspire us. The “Celebrate Your Summer” pages are a special section we’ve just added to Zazzle for them – in it, contributors have shared some of their summer stories and displayed the products they created. Will you be inspired by a t-shirt that captures a vacation to Peru, or is a cute card featuring Jack the terrier more your speed? Read six ‘what-I-did-during-my-summer’ stories from Zazzle contributors, then decide which of your own summer adventures deserve to be immortalized as a Zazzle product.

- Zazzle Product Team


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