Zazzle Launches Community Stamps


Zazzle - 3 Stamp Collage.JPGFirst it was t-shirts. Then cards and prints. And now, Zazzle contributors can add artwork, photos and designs to actual US postage! That’s right. You can design and create your own stamp, publish it to your gallery and share it with the Zazzle community, even earning royalties on it.

Zazzle - 6 Stamp Collage.JPGMake your mark—literally! ZazzleStamps are a great way to add a special touch to a wedding invitation or a holiday card, and they’re a perfect way to jazz up everyday correspondence. Check out ZazzleStamps contributors Dawn Hudson and Chris Wagner for a little inspiration, then build a stamp of your own.

- Zazzle Product Team
P.S. Check out the “Stamps from the Zazzle Community” showcase and also see the Special Collection Stamp galleries.


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