Honk if You Love Stamps!


first_wheels_sz175.jpgPeter Elias is both a stamp collector and an avid Audi fan. Why not combine the two? Fascinated with the idea of putting his stamp on life, Peter came to Zazzle and set about designing a collection of stamps that chronicle all the cars he’s loved before.

first_car_sz175.jpgPeter’s love of the road started back in 1962, when he got his first set of wheels: a brand new tricycle! :) Not content with a manually-powered mode of transportation, Peter eventually moved on to gas-powered vehicles, falling in love with his first Audi while still just a college lad. Through the 70s and 80s, Peter owned a variety of Audi automobiles — and each decade of his car history is documented on a Zazzle Stamp.

modified_car_sz175.jpgPeter is still driving an Audi, and is in the process of creating stamps that document the Audis of the 90s and today. Two of his favorite Audis are pictured on stamps to the right. The upper stamp is Peter’s first car and the second is one that he modified. Happy motoring *and* creating, Peter!

- Zazzle Community Team


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