Online Collaboration Helps Real World Wildlife


city_of_topanga_sz175.jpgYou can’t look around Zazzle without running into something by Gregory ‘Redboy’ Gallo. As one of our most outspoken and prolific contributors, Redboy’s enthusiasm and willingness to help out is something all of us love.

That’s why we knew it had to be something good when we recently got a note from Gregory, letting us know of his own zNewsworthy happenings:

“Andrea Nefera and myself started conversing with another Zazzle Contributor, Robyn Feeley, and after a short while found we all had many creative things in common. In the course of our conversations, we learned about a cause that’s near and dear to Robyn’s heart — the Nature of Wildworks, a nonprofit wildlife sanctuary and education program in Topanga, California.”

dog_red_sz175_yellow.jpg“Nature of Wildworks rescues both injured and non-injured wildlife—many of which have been orphaned or just can’t survive in the wild. After they’re nursed back to health, they go to schools throughout the Los Angeles area to teach children about California wildlife, as well as how to care for domestic animals.”

“We knew that Robyn was already donating to Wildworks a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her originals, but we wanted to do what we could to help her raise awareness and funds. With Robyn’s permission, we started creating t-shirts for the Redboy store using Robyn’s art. We’re going to promote these t-shirts as much as possible, with all of our profits going back to the Nature of Wildworks.”

I_AM_WOMAN_sz150.jpgRobyn is excited, too. “The t-shirts are a new avenue for me, and a very exciting artistic collaboration. I’ll be wearing one of the shirts this weekend at a trade show in Culver City, California, and I’ll also present them to the board of directors of animal welfare for use in promoting the health and safety of our animals through Nature of Wildworks’ program.”

Way to go, Redboy and Robyn! Keep up the good work! See the shirts.

- Zazzle Community Team


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