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Zazzle Giving Pod.jpgToday, we are very excited to announce the launch of the Zazzle Community Giving Program! The idea for this program was born of feedback we received from the Cure Autism Now Foundation who used Zazzle to make thousands of stamps for sale to their community. We realized that we had the chance to create a platform for community giving based around the free creation of custom charity products and custom galleries. After a few weeks of very hard work and great feedback from dozens of charities, the program goes live today with twelve charity galleries and two community galleries.

assetCharity_STC.gifCharity Galleries:
- Friends for Steven gallery
- Save the Children gallery
- LAM Foundation gallery
- Autism Society of America gallery
- Armed Forces Foundation gallery
- EBMRF gallery
- Forever Young Foundation gallery
- SARRC gallery
- Cure Autism Now gallery
- Mercy Ship gallery
- The Humane Society of the United States gallery

Breast_cancer_awareness_sz200.jpgCommunity Galleries:
- Breast Cancer Awareness Gallery
- Hurricane Relief Gallery

20% or more of each product sale in the Zazzle Giving galleries will be donated to the charitable organization that created the gallery. These charity products are differentiated in the Zazzle Marketplace with a special green ribbon that symbolizes the Zazzle Giving Program. In addition, you can view a directory of all the charitable organizations that are members of the Zazzle Giving Program.

Green_ribbon_96 copy.jpgWe are tremendously excited about the potential of the program and the opportunity it offers charities to raise awareness for their cause, empower their communities to showcase their support and also build a great online and offline presence for the non-profit.

Please send us all recommendations for charities that you think might benefit from membership in the program. It is entirely free to join, build a gallery and design products.

We are also constantly working to improve the program so all suggestions, feedback and ideas are much appreciated!

- Zazzle Product Team


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