Zazzle Adds a Real-Time Shopping Cart


sizing.jpgWe always try to make your Zazzle shopping experience as fun and easy as possible…and the new Zazzle shopping cart is no exception. Now, it’s easier for you to switch sizes, order additional shirts, determine shipping charges and see how much it all costs…in real time.

Go ahead and try it for yourself! Add a shirt to your shopping cart and you’ll be taken to our new cart. The shirt is in there, along with a few other options. You can:

Select your size. The Zazzle system defaults to an Adult Large white T-shirt unless you select differently. If you realize you need a smaller infant creeper for baby or a bigger t-shirt for Uncle Al, you can make that switch right here in the cart.

See your total cost. How much you’re spending shouldn’t be a mystery, right? Of course not! Zazzle’s new shopping cart shows you how any shopping decision you make will impact your final total. total.jpgIf you select a shirt in a size that has an apparel surcharge (for shirts larger than XL) or decide you want 5 shirts rather than one, your total price (and volume discount) will automatically update, right on the screen. Your shipping cost is updated in real time, too.

Enter a promo code. Below the item you’ll see the words ‘Have a promo code? Enter it now.’ Occasionally, Zazzle issues promotional codes for things like discounts, free shipping and other money-saving offers. promo.jpgKeep your eye out on the Zazzle website and in newsletters and other mailings you receive for these special codes, then enter them on your next purchase.

Speaking of promotional codes—a little doggie (Chubbs, actually) told us that next Monday, Zazzle may be offering a free shipping promo code somewhere on the web site. So keep your eyes peeled, and if you’re ordering next week, don’t forget to add your promo code!

Happy shopping!

- Team Zazzle


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