The Lufkin High School Quartermasters are Lookin’ Good!


Dana McKibben’s son Dean is Head Quartermaster of the Lufkin High School Band (, in Lufkin, Texas. She recently purchased shirts for the Quartermaster group from Zazzle, and was kind enough to share her experience with us.

“The Quartermaster group in the band is responsible for loading the band van and busses for the trips to the football games and other activities,” writes Dana. “Since Lufkin is located 100 miles from Houston, Texas where we play our out-of-town games, getting the vehicles loaded well and quickly is very important. Needless to say, it’s a very sweaty job—having a durable shirt to wear is a necessity.”

Being a good Mom, Dana helped her son get the shirts for the Quartermasters. “Last year, I went to the local T-Shirt store with a tight timeline—two weeks to get the shirts made. My son’s group had a design in mind, and as a graphic designer myself, I was able to actually prepare the design.”

“I went to the shop with the design files in hand, and was told that my files wouldn’t produce very well…no matter that I provided every type of graphic file possible. Because we were running out of time, we let the t-shirt shop do a design in house. The results were disappointing. Not only were they pilling up after two washes and looking terrible, but they were so thin that you could watch TV through them! I really felt bad for these high school students who work really hard.”

So Dana fired up her computer looking for a place that could deliver high quality shirts, on time, at a reasonable price. And she found Zazzle.

“Zazzle caught my attention with its design tools. Also, I noticed that Disney allowed Zazzle to produce shirts, which, as a huge Disney fan I knew that they would not let someone deliver their shirts wrong.”

Dana created one shirt, and received her order. “Wow, the quality was great! I told my son to start getting together sizes for the other Quartermasters, and the Band Directors, too. We added the Band Directors because it was so easy to do those ‘one-at-a-time’ designs without extra costs. We ordered express shipping for the 13 student shirts, and Zazzle actually upgraded the shipping for our Band Director shirts without our asking or paying extra. Wow again!”

Dana, we’re delighted that we’re the official ‘outfitter’ for the Lufkin High School Band Quartermasters. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

- Zazzle Community Team


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