Flock Postage Design Contest!


Since the launch of ZazzleStamps in July, we have been excited by the opportunity to create new avenues for users to make and share their custom postage creations. Through our partnership with Flickr, we were able to bring postage customization to an environment rich in tagging, group sharing and blogging.

flock_design_a_sz200.jpgWe knew that new ideas would emerge and sure enough, the folks at Flock, the Social Browser of the Web 2.0 movement, have created a postage design contest to create the first Flock-inspired postage.

Chris Messina, a member of the Flock team, writes, “So how about this? You design some kind of way cool Flock-inspired postage stamp and we’ll print it. I can’t say how many we’ll print, but chances are it’ll be a few (since we’ll need stamps to send out the shirt we’ll give you in exchange for your entry!).”

flock_design_b_sz200.jpgThey have extended the contest until the end of November so be sure to check out the existing submissions and enter your own design! On flickr, use the tag “flockstamp” to ensure your submission is visible in the contest. Flock is an exciting new application that merges functionality from social bookmarking (Del.icio.us), blogging and photosharing into the browser. Click here to learn more about the contest.

- Zazzle Community Team


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