Zazzle Your Holidays!


holiday_card_sz150.jpgToday, we launched a simple and easy way to find the perfect holiday gifts for your family and friends. Quickly browse through a huge selection of shirts, posters, stamps, and cards with a single click of the mouse. Shop from amazing collections like Disney, Star Wars, Family Guy, Build-a-Bear, Neopets, Marvel Comics, and much more!

snowman_stamp_sz100.jpgLooking for gift ideas? You can also search for products that match specific personal interests. Explore categories like “Sport Nut,” “Couch Potato,” “Star Gazer” and “Hipster” for creative and unique gifts that you can customize to add that personal touch to your holiday shopping.

One more item to note is the spread of the “flippy” from the Zazzle Shopping Cart to the Gift Center. The flippy is a tool the Zazzle Engineering team created to enable an easily visible refresh of content, in this case the text for the title and number of products in the scrolly. Enjoy!

Check out the gift center and click on a special collection or interest to view products from that category!

- Zazzle Product Team


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