We have a fun little feature to launch for everyone today and it’s tagging. The change is mostly an enhancement to the Zazzle keywords concept that many contributors have been using for a long time.

You can now view tags on the product page and the system supports multi-word tags to describe products. Tags are basically keywords that the contributor adds to describe the product and by exposing them on the product page, users can browse similar products more easily.

For contributors, tagging is an additional method to describe your product and ensure that users searching and browsing for a specific interest can find what they are looking for. In general, the more descriptive you can be in your tags, the better. For example, to describe a picture of your favorite pet, you could us: “pet” “dog” “canine” “golden retriever” “golden” “long hair” “animal”.

Alejandro_tags_sz230.jpgYou add tags to your product during the publish process and you can edit your tags by clicking on the manage icon in your gallery. Here’s an example of where tagging is located on the product page for a card created by Alejandro.

If you click on a tag, it automatically searches the marketplace using that term. If you are in a contributor gallery, then it only searches within that contributor’s products.

The overall goal with tagging is to provide the most compelling and useful browsing and exploring experience on Zazzle. We have many more ideas on how to make the concept more powerful on Zazzle and all suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

- Zazzle Product Team


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