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Hi everyone! We hope you recently noticed the new simplified URLs to contributor galleries. Now, instead of dealing with a long and complicated URL, you can tell your friends and family to visit “,””,” to check out your home on Zazzle. It’s that easy!

But there’s more. When you add an asterisk (*), (“,””,”), it becomes a referral link. As a result, you can earn up to 17% on sales (7% referral + 10% royalty) by using this URL. We call this new feature the Zazzle Star (notice the similarity between the asterisk and the star from our logo…pretty cool, eh?!).

The Zazzle Star is our newest Associates Program tool that helps you self-promote your work. Everyone can have their own home on Zazzle that makes it incredibly easy to share their work with the world!

The Zazzle Star can be used everywhere. Here are some cool ideas to get you started:

Grab your Star now or learn more.

- Zazzle Product Team
P.S. Check out the shirts that Redboy and Blackwhite created to show off their Zazzle Stars!


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