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Seek and you shall find! On Zazzle, we’ve always believed it should be easy for you to find the great products you want. No matter if you are looking for a perfect card for someone’s birthday, a funny irish t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, great products for the upcoming baseball season, or just want to relax after a night watching the stars.

Start searching now!

With our new search engine, we’ve made some exciting changes:

  • Every time you search, we’ll show results from our 30+ special collections including Disney, Marvel Comics, Library of Congress, and more
  • Make the images bigger or smaller with our new Size slider
  • A new category browser to quickly walk through all of or 50,000+ categories
  • Real-views of every product are available, just mouse over the image in your search result
  • A new ‘find’ box on every page so you can search no matter where you are on Zazzle

For contributors, we hope that our new search will bring even more traffic to your galleries. Some new tips:

  • We now show your galleries on every search result – make sure you have a user icon and description! “>Manage your gallery now
  • We match singular and plural for every search term – when you are tagging products, just use one version of the word
  • Searching for your username will now return your gallery!

If you have any questions or run into any problems with our new features, please contact us at

As always, your suggestions and feedback are appreciated!

- Zazzle Product Team

P.S. Add Zazzle to your Firefox Search Bar!


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