zPanel: Monetize Your Blog and Website!


The zPanel is a unique and easy way for bloggers to show off their Zazzle products and content! Simply place the zPanel code on your blog to let visitors see up to 3 of your Zazzle products at a time. When a visitor clicks on a product they are taken directly to your gallery where they can purchase the item or browse all of your other products. All sales on your products referred from your zPanel will earn the standard 10% royalty plus the 7% referral fee – total of 17% on each sale!

Check out how two of our contributors are using their zPanels:
at midnight…

Follow these 4 simple steps to get your own zPanel:

1. Become a Zazzle contributor
Remember to publish your creations to your public gallery so other people can purchase them. It’s best to create several products since your zPanel will display up to three products.

2. Set up your Associates account

3. Preview your zPanel

4. Add your zPanel to your blog or website

- Zazzle Product Team


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