Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness


sicke_cell_stamp_sz150.jpgOne of our most important goals at Zazzle has been enabling and empowering artists around the world to create great products and share them with others. Whether it is to communicate a message, raise awareness for a cause or simply showcase the beauty that can be created by human hands, we are constantly in awe of the submissions we receive every day to the site.

Hertz Nazaire is a relatively recent addition to the Zazzle community and his first gallery is focused on raising awareness for Sickle Cell Anemia. Hertz was born with the disease and he began creating paintings about his pain in 1996. They have been featured in many prominent publications with the main purpose of increasing awareness and education about the disease.

sickle_cell_stamp2_sz150.jpgWe were inspired by Hertz’s positive attitude and efforts on behalf of all people suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia. He writes, “I’m still growing as an artist and learning through life’s challenges and many experiences. I accept that I am an artist and that painting is a blessing, it allows me to feel the most alive.”

We look forward to Hertz’s continued efforts to promote this important cause. He will be bringing his awareness stamps to the SCDAA 34th Annual Convention in Dallas this September.

Nazaire has created a second gallery on Zazzle to showcase some of his additional paintings. We hope you enjoy them!

- Zazzle Community Team
P.S. Zazzle has an entire program, ZazzleGiving, devoted to promoting the awareness products of charities. View the entire list of charities.


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