Introducing new contributor galleries at Zazzle!


WooHoo!! We’re bursting with excitement to announce the launch of our new and improved contributor galleries! Complete with a new design and a host of robust tools, the new galleries make it much easier for you to promote and sell your products, while also enabling you to connect with your customers, fans and fellow contributors.

With the new galleries you get much more flexibility and customization … plus, it’s much easier to manage. All of the main customization of your gallery is now located in a simple bar at the top of your gallery homepage, which appears when you’re logged in. Everything else can be modified directly inline on the page … magical little floating popups enable you to edit anything easily. Seriously, create your own gallery and see for yourself! Need more convincing? Ok, then read more …

There’s tons of new stuff, but here are the TOP 5 FEATURES that you absolutely, unquestionably, and utterly must know about:

(1) Customizable Homepage:
With expanded product showcase functionality. You now can easily select which products to showcase on your homepage. There’s a new “Top Picks” slideshow, Featured Products gallery, and more. Learn more!

One-Click Theming(2) One-Click Theming:
You can create your own gallery theme by easily picking colors and uploading images or choose from one of the many default templates that already have a color palette and matching background image. Just click the “Customize Your Look” button at the top of the page to theme your gallery. Learn more!

(3) Simplified Gallery Navigation & Streamlined Management Process:
When you are logged in and viewing your gallery, a grey bar (see screenshot below) will appear at the top of your homepage. You can use these buttons to manage the various modules and pages in your gallery. When you want to view it as a visitor would, simply click the “Public View” button and the bar will minimize.

Simplified Gallery Navigation

Gallery SettingsThe “Manage Gallery Settings” button in the upper left of the manage bar brings up the following menu selections. This is where you can add/remove the modules and pages in your gallery.

Browse the different pages in your galleryIn addition, a navigation pod is located in the upper right corner of every gallery page so that your visitors can easily browse through the different pages in your gallery.

(4) New Gallery Pages:
“Promote Me”, “About Me”, and more. We’ve simplified the overall gallery browsing to focus on the most important pages. Visitors can now visit your “Promote Me” page and get links to share your gallery and products with their friends. The “About Me” page has also been simplified.
Gallery Promote Me Page exampleGallery About Me Page example

(5) Improved Community Tools:
New tools include a comment wall so that visitors can share their thoughts, leave testimonials, request new products, and praise you for your genius. Let the discussions begin!

There are many additional small changes and improvements that we hope you’ll also try out. The effort to support contributors with powerful tools and functionality is a perpetual effort … many new updates are planned for the future.

Big thanks to all of the members of the Zazzle community who contributed tons of feedback, ideas, and suggestions to make these changes possible. Please continue to send us your feedback and ideas so we can incorporate your suggestions into future releases and site updates.

Quick note:
If you are an existing contributor on Zazzle, please read the bottom half of the gallery announcement page which details how the galleries are being ported. As a quick highlight, rest assured that all of your products and preferences will be saved.

So, if you’re not a contributor yet and have read this far, what are you waiting for? Create your own gallery and make money from your creative genius!


- Josh Reeves, Product Team

P.S. Here are some community galleries to browse for inspiration:

And many more!


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