Launch of fan clubs!


Fan clubs have arrived at Zazzle! This means you can now show your support for your favorite contributors by joining their fan club and you will receive notifications whenever they make new products! Ever since Zazzle was started, we have always thought of contributors on Zazzle as stars. That’s one of the reasons we gave everyone their very own Zazzle Star link to share with their friends.

With today’s launch, every contributor on Zazzle will have their very own fan club!

On every gallery, you’ll now see three additional links:

(1) Join My Fan Club!
Join your favorite contributor’s fan clubs with just a few simple clicks. When you join someone’s fan club, you’ll be notified whenever that contributor creates new products.

Even better, anyone can join your fan club as well! If you don’t want to have a fan club, that’s ok, you can turn it off if you’d like.

When you are logged in and viewing your own gallery, click “Invite-a-fan” and send emails to all your friends and family to visit your galley and join your fan club!

(2) View My Fan Club
This page displays all the members of a contributor’s fan club. As additional users join the fan club, they will be listed here.

(3) Fan Clubs I’ve Joined
This page shows all of the fan clubs that this particular user has joined on Zazzle.

It’s important to note that you will have the option to turn off these public fan club pages so that if you choose, no one can see the members of your fan club or the fan clubs that you have joined. Of course, we recommend everyone keep these pages active because they show the support and community of users who care about the products you are making.

We are very excited by this feature because it’s something that many of us (and many of you!) have wanted for a long time. By joining the fan clubs of your favorite contributors, you can now stay updated on the newest products they are creating. We will be adding additional features over time to make it easier to connect with your favorite users and products on Zazzle so stay tuned!

If you are a contributor, we recommend you start sharing your gallery with the people you know. Go to MyZazzle and click the “Invite others to join your fan club” link in the upper right corner of the page. The greater audience you can build for your products, the more visibility, activity and sales you will have. It’s not too hard and takes less than a minute so why don’t you give it a try and send some invitations.

You are an integral part of our development efforts and all feedback and suggestions are much appreciated. Send us your thoughts.

- Josh Reeves, Product Team


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