New! Zazzle Create-a-Product API


Introducing the newest marketing tool from Zazzle – the Create-a-Product API. Now you can enable visits to your web site or blog to automatically generate customized products from any image or text on your web site. And even better, all purchases made from your Create-a-Product API links will earn you 17% in commission.*


  • Users on your site can turn ANY image or piece of text into a product with a simple click of a link and instantly they are within the Zazzle design tool.
  • Want all products to have some of your brand on it? Add your logo or other text to each product created from your site or leave it blank – its up to you!
  • Choose from any one of Zazzle’s products including Custom Apparel, Real U.S. Postage, Custom Mugs and Custom Cards!
  • Earn 17% on each sale!

Zazzle API

Implementing the Create-a-Product API is easy and takes roughly 20 minutes.

  1. Set up your contributor and associates account on Zazzle
  2. Create your product template to define how your products will be generated
  3. Create the links and add them to your site!

Create-a-Product API

Interested in learning more? Simply log into your Zazzle account and click on the link to Create-a-Product API.

*Less face value on postage products

- Zazzle Team

3 Responses to “New! Zazzle Create-a-Product API”

  1. Deanne Norris Says:

    Hi !
    sounds great! I heard about you from a friend. so I am checking it out. I have been a freelance artist for over 30 years.
    I made and sold over 400 breeds of glass sculpture dogs. I traveled extensively, a year and a half ago I broke my left leg and tore up my right knee. the good part is through a unique set of circomstances, I met my favorite artist Robert Butler,he is one of the origional florida “Highway men” He no longer teaches but introduced me to his daughter who is very talanted also, Dorene Butler, she has been working with me since October 05, comming to my house when I could not leave and than driveing us to places like Boc tower, The Peace River, to paint, until I was able to drive myself, since than I have been meeting with her and other ladies, learning more and more of the acrylic techniques, used by her and her father Robert Butler, I can no longer travel doing shows and have put my glass dogs on e-bay but I wanted an outlet for my paintings other than selling prints etc. this sounds great and I would love to try it. I also have over 10,000 photos to use.
    My Grandfather, worked for the Detroit free press before it was sold out. he was an engraver for them before that he took photos while at war, so I to love to take photos, some would be beautiful on just about any thing. do photos need to be copywrited and how do you copy write something?? with the glass sculpture dogs it was not necessary since no one could reproduce those. being self taught leaves out a few things. I am looking forward to working with and for you.Sincerely Deanne

  2. Deanne Norris Says:

    Hi !
    Sounds Great! I heard about you from a friend. I have several paintings I’ve done and over 10,000 photos, some of them would look good on just about any thing! How do I get started?

  3. Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac Says:

    Hi Deanne,

    There is a lot of information here to help you get started. Basically, you just need to create an account and start create/publishing products to that account. check out the URL above to learn more!

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