zNews? Blog.zazzle.com? What is going on? Hold me, I’m scared…


Welcome to the new Zazzle Blog. zNews has been recycled into this great new Zazzle destination, that will actually be updated often *GASP* and I’m here from now on to inform you of all the happenings. So where do we start? It’s been about six months since the last post (ya, lots of heads-down coding)… so, basically I’m going to try and braindump all of the Zazzle updates for the past six months in action-movie-montage-style, or as it’s called in the online world, a blogtage. Here we go, deep breath…

After the release of our Create-a-Product API, we released 12 new product lines (now over 250 styles and colors in apparel), a PayPal earnings integration, a major partnership with The Picture People, thousands of incredible and historically significant images from Getty Image’s Hulton Archive, lots of pet-loving API partners (Purina, Dogster & Catster), classic song lyrics from Authentic Stars (from the Beatles to Skynyrd), Jessica Alba and others supporting the HSUS in our Sealed with a Kiss program, new gallery templates for those who contribute (which should be you!), waaaay better image management in MyZazzle, a Gift Center to help for those special occasions, design tool optimization for even speedier drag-and-drop ajax customization, a new feedback email address to capture your input (feedback@zazzle.com) and other stuff that the last episode of “Heroes” just evicted from my head…. Wow, that was a lot of typing, feeling light headed….room spinning….

(2 minutes later…)

Well, now that the floor and I have been properly introduced, let me also fill you in on what is happening around the Zazzle office. We’ve grown pretty dramatically since that last post… in fact, as I’m writing this, I’m wedged tightly in between Darren and Jan (two of our black belt UI developers) on a coffee table. Darren smells especially good today (he must’ve actually showered… nice!).

Anyhew, when meetings started happening in our lobby, the shower room, and even on the street, we knew it was finally time to upgrade. So we’re in the process of moving to a glorious new building at the Pacific Shores Center. It’s bigger, brighter and has lots of incredible shared amenities, including a huge gym with a rock climbing wall, a basketball court, swimming pool (we’re holding out until spring on that one), a 20-person jacuzzi (we’re there), softball, volleyball, and even a bocce ball court. It’s glorious. We’re never going home. I will have pictures from the move soon so that you can see the happy Zazzlers in their natural environment (please don’t feed them, it’s not wise).

So that is really it, and from now on I, the Zazzle Blogger (er Zlogger?), promise to deliver relevant and interesting posts at least once a week to ensure you’re up to date on what’s going on at Zazzle. And, hey, if you’ve got a great Zazzle story to share, send it my way and I will get it up here for everyone else to read.

That is all for now…be ready for more soon…

7 Responses to “zNews? Blog.zazzle.com? What is going on? Hold me, I’m scared…”

  1. Nicole L Marques Says:

    Good morning!

    Is this you Josh? Anyway! I think that the “PayPal integration” was an excellent move, I love it! It is very convenient especially for some of us who travel for long periods of time!

    Have fun in your new location! That jacuzzi sounds sooooo good!


  2. Linda Peer Says:

    This is a great idea!
    I for one will look forward to getting weekly updates on all the Zazzler adventures with the rock climbing wall, the basketball court, the swimming pool and especially in the 20-person jacuzzi ;) ! Oh and of course the Zazzle updates will be handy to see also (ahem)!

    I also would like to mention that the Paypal integration is super-duper!

    Well have fun and congratulations on the new location!

    (..Hi Nicole! … *waves*)

  3. Angela-Michelle Hatheway Says:


    every single piece of artwork in all of her items is on Theft Alert status as of last night. She has taken without permission every art piece she has used. A large number are from Amy Brown. I know this person does not have permission to use these images and it has made a lot of artists very upset. I ask that you please Remove ALL Items from this shop Immediately.
    Thank you

  4. Patrick Says:

    Hi Angela-Michelle Hatheway,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention – we take any reports of copyright violations very seriously. The best ways to report content violations are to click “report violation” on the product and/or email content_review at zazzle dot com to report violations and we will investigate and take the appropriate actions.

    Thanks for the help!

  5. redboy Says:

    good deal zazzle. will be visiting frequently, just wanted to say that your crew is dong a great job in progressing and all looks great, received many items that i gave out for christmas and holidays this year and every product ordered came out “perfeto!” love you guys all the best in 07, redboy

  6. DT Says:

    Having a great time here on zazzle…might not ever be rich beyond my wildest dreams from it…but the chance to get some of my art work and crazy ideas out there really helps me…any chance on some new product lines though….duvet sets…blinds…cushions..baby blankets..baby bibs…but really i would love to just have more household products to design on

    : ) if i say pretty plz will u think about it…? … oh and have fun in that gym

  7. Patrick Says:

    Hi DT,

    Thanks for your post! We at Zazzle love to hear of people having a good time and enjoying spreading their art around the internet community. In terms of new products, Zazzle is always working to add new features and products to the site. Yours are some great ideas, and we hope you’ll be thrilled with what we come out with over the year! Thanks again for your comments.

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