Coming soon!


4 Responses to “Coming soon!”

  1. Ed Huehn / ZachBear Says:

    You guys are awesome! Great tech changes this week.

    I just found the ability to delete in-progress items with one check box!
    Much better than the old way.

  2. Ravi Grover Says:

    Thanks for your appreciation! I coded that :) Got any other improvements you’d like to see on the site?

  3. DT Says:

    I love zazzle but there are a few niggling things that could be better….sometimes we get spammed by certain individuals who place huge comments on peoples walls and products.. often political comments…now everyone is entitled to their opinion but it ruins it for others especially when they are placing the zazzle panel over and over onto your page…slowing it right down…what I’d like is a way for individuals to remove comments from their own walls…giving us the flexibility to control our own site would be a great thing….and on that same subject can we possibly have a way of removing products we put on a while ago and no longer wish to have for sale or in public view….as it is just now we can only do that with in a day or so and its annoying…and finally is there anyway at all that the poster production can be like making a card…for example using more then one image so we can create layers using transparency just now the poster production is annoying and I have a lot of artwork that I’d love to place on posters that could only be done in the same way we can do cards etc…ok I’m done I think



  4. Ravi Grover Says:

    Hey DT,

    We’ve noticed the comment spam too. I just coded up comment deletion, but it’s not live yet. You will be able to delete comments on your wall, your products, and your comments that you’ve posted elsewhere. With luck, the feature will be released tomorrow!

    Also, the design team will be working to getting the poster tool up to speed to look like the other tools. Stay tuned! There have just been a lot of challenges to make sure we don’t lose any key functionality along the way that our poster makers have gotten used to.

    Removing products is now available by contacting customer support. We hope to have this available in the UI sometime in the future. Will keep you posted!

    Keep suggestions coming!–


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