Zazzle Basketball 1- 0


It was our first game and we were the newcomers in a long established league, the underdogs, but we didn’t let that affect our play. We asserted our dominance early and with gusto, beating our first opponent, Jerry’s Kids (they weren’t really kids, I swear) by 20 points, and assuring our steady climb to the playoffs in the Pacific Shores league.

The game proved the talent of Zazzle employees, featuring standout performances from Jesus bringing the rain from the 3 pointer line, Grover working three defenders at once, T working inside the paint, Ben dominating the steals, and Jason racking up some major fouls (accountants play hard), truly a Zazzlerific performance. Next week the Zazzle team takes on Air Postini at 12:30 PST, broadcast on “the Ocho,” check your local listings or just look for the post about the game next week.

One Response to “Zazzle Basketball 1- 0”

  1. Clara Chandler Says:

    Gooooooo, Zazzlers!!!! Woohoo!! Keep up the good work. Am lovin’ the blog.Clara

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