Attack of the Dynamic Content – Contributor Tab Update!


AHH!! RUN!!!

Nah, it’s actually nothing to fear, the new contributor tab is really something quite user-friendly, and it’s so great for discovering new galleries and products that it’s cutting into my Youtube time. It’s all due to great dynamic content (kinda like pulse) to show you what’s going on in the contributor community by the second – just refresh the page and you’ll see the newest stuff. Of course, it still has your old favorites like the Spotlight (with a new interview!) and featured contributors, but new additions include recent comments, most popular galleries, and busiest contributors. Lastly, and my personal favorite, the most recently changed gallery headers appear on the right side… it’s a great way to preview galleries before you dive in. This is how I recently discovered cbolsch’s gallery of awesome trendy Ts (check out 90 Minutes, City, and Love). On this note, for contributors that haven’t yet customized their gallery style and header, do it here – it’s one of the best ways to build awareness and drive traffic to your gallery.

That’s all for this post, I would just like to leave you with a reference to a little known movie that changed my life called Rad (1986): “When I think of the contributor tab, I know that I am thinking of something that is like… special.” See ya.

One Response to “Attack of the Dynamic Content – Contributor Tab Update!”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    The new Contributor section is great. I like seeing all that activity in there, like recently changed galleries, contributors with the most fans, and comments.

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