“Sealed with a Kiss” all over Radio and TV


Sealed with a KissMany of you know about our Sealed with a Kiss campaign, which applies celebrity lip-prints onto real US postage (the Large Size of Postage, Sealed with a Kiss is hardcore like that…) to help support The Humane Society of the United States. Awesome right? (Of course it is, its got the luscious lips of Jessical Alba, Rachel Bilson, and Gene Simmons, just to name a few) . Well, what you might not know is how much press it has generated. These stamps are going like hotcakes in Honolulu primarily because of so many incredible radio and television plugs we’ve been getting from around the country.

Check out this first one, by the lovely and vivacious Leah Remini (The King of Queens, Old School… some of you may even remember her in Saved by the Bell in ’91):


Also, here’s one from our favorite local morning show, Sarah and No Name on Alice (97.3 FM):


So, that’s just a sampling… SWAK has also been featured on Extra, E! News, the Today Show, US Weekly, and more. Big shout outs to Amber and John, the Zazzlers responsible for creating SWAK, they got mad skillz (yeah it’s skills with a “z” cause it’s Zazzle baby!).

So, check out the celebrity kisses, buy some postage, and save some animals. Guaranteed collectors items, two years, I’m calling it now.

P.S. Here are some video clips too!:

On Extra!:

On E! News:

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