Sealed with a Kiss is Blowin’ Up! (2 celebs added)


SWAK is back! Now Sealed with a Kiss is more blingtastic than ever with the addition of two new celebrities, Travis McCoy and Gia Farrell. Don’t know ‘em? Well… Travis’s band, Gym Class Heroes, is super hot right now; they are all over MTV, VH1, and touring throughout the US of A. And Gia, she has enough buzz around her song, “Hit Me Up,” (recently featured in the movie “Happy Feet”) that many people, upon meeting her, have wondered if bees were chasing them.

Want to learn more? Well, what I’ve got for you in the “more info” department are links to their MySpace pages so you can learn more…THEN when you come back to me saying “Patrick you were right – I love Travis and Gia!” I have links to their celebrity lip prints so you can buy them and make your collection complete (all 17 kiss prints). Alright then, I think that is about it for SWAK info today, I’m gonna go do the Happy Feet dance…

The MySpace Links:
Gia Farrell | Gym Class Heroes (Travis McCoy)

Gia’s and Travis’s Zazzle Lip Prints:
Gia | Travis

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