Fiat Lux Collection by Ansel Adams on Zazzle


In partnership with the University Of California Riverside Museum Of Photography, Zazzle now has some great Ansel Adams images! This collection of sixty images (more are being added soon) were taken in and around the area of Riverside California during the 1960s. It showcases a unique group of rural landscapes, cityscapes, and unconventional object portraits (forests, rural homes, doorways, plants) that tell the story of California at a very unique stage in history. Ansel Adam’s has an interesting juxtaposition in this collection with shots of modern objects, such as this one of a recently erected satellite dish in contrast to shots like this one, of a rural slaughterhouse that has seen its share of hard farmland living.

A couple of my Favs:

Ansel Adams Ansel Adams

For those who look at these Adam’s images and feel it only whets the appetite, check out our Library of Congress collections that include prints, photos and other artistic work that dates all the way back to the start of the United States. Also for people like myself who are drawn to 19th and 20th century photography, the Hulton archive is the place for you – it’s a huge collection of the people, places, and moments that helped define the America we live in today.

You really can get lost browsing images in the LOC Prints & Photographs Division, California State Library, University of Wyoming Library, Boston Public Library, or any of the other historical collections. The images are fascinating and they provide unique insight into the history of the U.S.

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