Get Your Earnings Through PayPal


For all of our contributors and/or associates out there, we’ve now added PayPal as one of the ways that you can receive your earnings. This means that instead of getting your Zazzle earnings through a check (which you can still do if you prefer), you can get them electronically transferred to your PayPal account, free of charge and with all the spiffy speed that the internet can muster. For those of the international persuasion, we know you’re especially going to dig this feature, because now you don’t have to pay any check processing fees (which can vary anywhere from $7.50 to $20, depending on the country and bank). Also, your earnings will now come just as fast as everyone else’s, pre-converted from U.S. Dollars (USD$) into Japanese Yen (¥en), British Pound (UK£), Euro (Euro), or whatever.

To change your contributor account’s payment settings go here: Payment Settings.

Also, if you are reading this and you didn’t even know that you can make money at Zazzle, maybe now it’s time that you finally looked into becoming a contributor! It’s easy, free, and an amazing way to show the world your creative side. Not to mention that *it works* and you can start raking in the dough immediately.

4 Responses to “Get Your Earnings Through PayPal”

  1. RandomGames Says:

    I’ve just had a look at the first Zazzle payment I’ve received through PayPal and was surprised to find I hadn’t been charged a PayPal fee. Surely a mistake I thought, but no, right there in the post you say “free of charge”. I don’t know how you managed that one but as a UK Zazzler I’d like to say a big thank you – you’ve saved me some pretty unpleasant foreign cheque (or check) headaches and fees!

  2. Zielige Gast Says:


    Could you please help me get rich? I would do anything if its a small investments. Please send me some information or newsletter.


    Zielige Gast

  3. Zielige Gast Says:

    btw my email adress is

  4. Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac Says:

    Hi Zielige,

    There are two really great ways to learn more about Zazzle and contributing. Try going here:


    Join the Zazzle forums at

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