New Zazzle Custom Stamp Sizes


So people sometimes wonder if we listen when requests are made for new Zazzle features… Well, let me be the first to tell you that we do! The number one request for Zazzle Custom Stamps has always been new sizes – you asked for ‘em, now you got ‘em. In addition to the original Large size, I would like to introduce you to Medium and Small. These three sizes make up the new collection of Zazzle Custom Stamps, ready for you to stick on your envelopes, on your postcards, on your walls, on your chairs, on your… well you get the idea.

What I love about this is that now I have a stamp that fits even the smallest envelope, so that when I mail invitations for the wedding of myself and Anne Hathaway (…someday…) I know that I can use the Small size, which is just right (we received *lots* of feedback that the Large was too big for invitations specifically). Or, for our business customers who use their logos on Zazzle Custom Stamps, they can choose the Medium or Large sizes, to maximize the impact of their brand on outgoing mailings.

Check below for more detailed sizing information or get started creating now:




2 Responses to “New Zazzle Custom Stamp Sizes”

  1. Karen Monaghan Says:

    Love the new stamp sizes! I discovered them today before you announced them and have already made a purchase! Keep on coming with the new stuff!

  2. Reuben Ramkissoon Says:

    my son had stamps made for each of us. We like the new sizes and will order shortly.
    Do you have a service thst provides for collectors of various issues–proofd, specimens,
    fiirst day of use. etc? Thank you

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