Multiple Object Selection: It's a Group Thing


Techniques for Multiple Selection in the Zazzle Design Tool

One of the really cool things about Zazzle’s design tool is that we have the ability to add multiple images and text objects to a single product. That means you can create a collage of your favorite vacation snaps, for example, in a very quick and easy way. But how do you select all those images or text objects to move them around as one? Well, there are a few ways.

Three Different Flavors

  1. Dragging a Marquee – Find a “dead spot” in the workspace area (ie. not where there’s a design object or existing selection marquee) and then click and begin dragging a marquee to enclose all the objects you would like in your selection. You will notice that as you are dragging the marquee over design objects, they will highlight to indicate the selected state. You will see the selected state being indicated in the pod stack to the right, as well as in the workspace area by a faint gray border around each of the objects.
  2. Ctrl-clicking in the Workspace – Ctrl-click on any of the objects in the workspace to add them to your selection. NOTE: if an object is obscured by the selection marquee, then you may not be able to ctrl-click on it in the workspace, but you can ctrl-click on the corresponding pod in the pod stack to the right to add the object.
  3. Ctrl-clicking on Pods – Ctrl-click on any of the pods in the workspace to add them to your selection. To make it easier to see the correspondence between the pods and their associated design objects, mousing over the title bar in the pod will highlight its object in the workspace.

What You Can Do With a Selection

  1. Resize It – Once you have a selection, there are a number of things you can do with it. If the selection is all images, you can resize the selection marquee to resize the entire group, maintaining all the sizing and positioning relationships of the individual objects in the group.
  2. Change All the Images – If your selection is of multiple image objects (like a company logo that has been tiled or repeated in some way), you can change out the image for all of the selected objects in one step by simply clicking on the image thumbnail shown in the expanded image pod in the pod stack to the right. The Add Images dialog will pop up, you will be able to select a single image, and when you commit, each one of the selected image objects will be set to the new image. This feature can be useful also when embellishing a card’s corners with an ornament graphic and you want to try out a few different kinds, or you want to make and publish variations on a design. Once you have the ornament image objects in place, you can easily use this feature to try different images for the ornaments.
  3. Change Font Properties – If your selection is of multiple text objects, then you can change the color, font, size, or alignment for all the selected objects in one simple step. Find the expanded text pod in the pod stack to the right, click on the control to change the desired property, make your change, and then the change will apply to all the selected text objects.

So hopefully this will shine a light on some of the cool things you can do with multiple objects in our design tool. We’re eager to hear your suggestions on possible new features to help make your design experience easier :-)

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