Hello Kenny from Toad Suck, Arkansas!


hey zazzle fans!  what are they putting in the water over there?  here’s the third cool tidbit to make its way to me in a week.  this one fixes that nagging feeling you get when someone buys your shirt, but you have no idea if it’s going to intercourse, pennsylvania or french lick, indiana.  before your inner-stalker gets too sweaty, looks like our security-friendly zazzlers are only showing the first name and town/state.  check your royalty history shortly.  oh, and yes, toad suck is a real place. -inzider

spy photo courtesy of xander p.

9 Responses to “Hello Kenny from Toad Suck, Arkansas!”

  1. azac69* Says:

    Yes! Thank you. We have been waiting for this. If only for brushing up on my geography. Toad Suck?

  2. potatocrisps Says:

    This is the the most suggestive zazzle blog to date, with the wondercon entry a close second. Zaucy.

  3. albert Says:

    who the heck is zanther??

  4. DT Says:

    Is there really a place called Intercourse? …. anyway … I’m not that bothered who buys my designs and art as long as someone does … I’d even put up with having a stalker if they purchased my things

  5. Stalker Says:

    I spent my 20s in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. I enjoyed my 20s. Very much.

  6. jefe Says:

    Check out more crazy town names… Buttzville, New Jersey… heh:

  7. Grover Says:

    You’re welcome azac69. Got ideas for other improvements to the site we can make?

  8. cheeseonmytees Says:

    It would be awesome to also see how the buyer got to my products: 1) via the special contributor star, 2) via a search engine, 3) via browsing Zazzle’s galleries, etc.

    Or maybe what kind of customizations a buyer is doing to my products.

    In any case, Customer & Location are going to be awesome! Thanks!


    there is also a town near intercourse that is called bird in hand they are near lancaster pa
    dutch man

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