49 great galleries … all different!


As can be expected, those of us here at Zazzle HQ spend quite a bit of time browsing Zazzle throughout the day. I’ve had the great joy of discovering many hundreds of great artists and galleries on the site and I wanted to give a quick shout out to some of the cooler galleries I’ve come across. This list is definitely not comprehensive and please feel free to share your own favorites in the comments below.

49 Contributor Galleries

Here are 16 of the contributors included above. The additional 33 contributors will be listed in two future blog posts.

These contributors represent such diverse locations as

  • Montevideo, Uruguay
  • NYC
  • IL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • CT
  • Sweden
  • Cuernevaca, Mexico
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Foix, France
  • Virginia

We shifted to the new gallery framework in July 2006 and it’s been an exciting last eight months. The primary goal of the new gallery framework was to help contributor’s unleash their creativity and make an experience that reflects their unique style and artistic talent. We wanted the framework to be more flexible since everyone has their own preferences for style and design. We’ve been absolutely blown away with what you guys have created!

There are more changes to the gallery framework on the way and all feedback is much appreciated. Please keep the suggestions coming!

9 Responses to “49 great galleries … all different!”

  1. Hughes Says:


    Please feel free to tell your members that they are very welcome to promote their shops on Ohmybuzz! like ebay members do for example.

    It takes 5 minutes. It’s free. And they will boost their sales, increasing their visibility/authority on search engines, while posting a link to their offer on zazzle, a description and even some photos (or videos) of their products.



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  2. azac69* Says:

    Congratulations to all the gallery owners who made it into the top 49. By the way, why 49 and not 50? Just curious.

  3. Josh Reeves, Product Manager Says:

    Good question! I wanted to create a square grid with a screenshot of each gallery homepage and it ended up being 7×7 … thus there were 49 total galleries instead of 50. :)

  4. folkartblonde Says:

    I’m so geeked about being included in the 49! I big thank you to Josh and the people of Zazzle! When do the other 33 get their links posted? The suspense is killing me! lol

  5. Josh Reeves, Product Manager Says:

    We’ll be spreading the additional 33 galleries over two additional posts, coming out about a week apart. Stay tuned!

  6. Kerry Says:

    congrads to everyone who made the list!

  7. Graham Says:

    Here’s a truly great one that I think should definitely be included:

    make custom gifts at Zazzle

    And that’s just one among hundreds. His is probably my favorite gallery in all of Zazzle. Definitely worth a good long look ;)

  8. Gallery updates with today’s launch! « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] was just last summer when we launched revamped contributor galleries and we’ve seen some wonderful galleries created over the past year. In that time, we also made updates such as the [...]

  9. Canada Says:

    Congratulations to all the gallery owners who made it into the top 49. By the way, why 49 and not 50? Just curious.

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