Buying Gifts for Your Friends and Family Now Even Easier


I’ve always thought of Zazzle as a great place to buy gifts. With all the user generated products in our marketplace (more being added every single second by awesome designers from around the world!) you’re sure to find something that will even delight those hard-to-shop-for type of people like my dad who pretty much returns everything I buy for him. And if you can’t find something in the marketplace, why not use our design tools and create something from scratch instead?

Ahhh, so many more gift giving possibilities than ever before – don’t you just love the magic of The Long Tail and the democratization of the tools of production. :)

Since so many people use Zazzle to buy gifts for others, we’re always looking for ways to improve the gift giving experience. Now when you check “My cart contains a gift item” during checkout, we’ll include a gift packing sheet in the box. You’ll definitely earn some brownie points with your friends and family since they’ll know you just bought them a one-of-a-kind product that you helped make.

Here’s a preview of the packing sheet that we’re going to include in every gift shipment. It’s going to be in color too!

gift packing sheet

2 Responses to “Buying Gifts for Your Friends and Family Now Even Easier”

  1. azac69* Says:

    cool :)

  2. nefera Says:

    hello there !
    great new feature ! i have been waiting for this ! thank you :)

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