Zazzle and Dreamworks: BFF!


After being at the new Zazzle HQ for some time now, we have come to appreciate that one of the perks is the proximity to DreamWorks PDI. How close are we? Well, their building is right across the sidewalk from ours… so close that our lobbies are practically touching (they have an Oscar in theirs, it’s sweet… they won’t let us touch it though).

But, when we first moved in we weren’t sure what to think of these renowned animation folk… are they a little “off”? Are they friendly or do they only live in a world of illustrations and vector art? Do they walk around and talk in Shrek-Speak? Does Mike Myers hang around the cubes telling jokes all day? Does Cameron Diaz use Proactiv? Well, any fears we previously had of these unknown creatures fizzled on the day we noticed this sign in a DreamWorks window, right across from us:

DreamWorks Msg 1
Text: Hello, Who R U?

Perplexed and excited we quickly posted a response explaining who were in simple terms: “” To our message they posted this sign…

DreamWorks Msg 2
Text: Welcome to the Hood!

After that we knew that DreamWorkers were our kind of neighbors… so we HAD to post this sign:

Zazzle Msg 2
Text: Fo’ Shazzle Mah Zazzle!!

It escalated from there… a few days later they actually set up a treasure hunt for us with GPS coordinates and all. Of course, the treasure is now hanging proudly by our CEO’s desk in the HQ. Here is a shot of the prize (a movie poster with signatures from the actual creators of Shrek, Princess Fiona, and Donkey!!):

DreamWorks Poster
(the sheer beauty of it brings a tear to my eye…)

But this tale is not over yet, oh no, far from it. We had to match what they had done for us, so we recreated the game “Warmer & Colder” – over walkie talkies – to give DreamWorks a little present from us (as we watched from above). Here are the pictures of some of the DreamWorks staff on the journey that changed their lives forever (er, we like to think it did).

It begins…

Are they getting warmer or colder?

w00t they found it! They are so awesome.

Anyway, that’s all for now. They’re kinda busy wrapping up Shrek the Third and… little do they know, our next crazy antic is to beat them to the punch on developing Shrek the Fourth!… heh, not really. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on the shenanigans between our buildings. Who knows, maybe they’ll even let me hold the Oscar.


10 Responses to “Zazzle and Dreamworks: BFF!”

  1. Erik Says:

    This is freaking hilarious!!!

  2. JD Says:

    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. Bag Boy Says:

    You can see all and any new window messages between Zazzle and DreamWorks in my “Windows Messenger” set on flickr!

  4. Nara Says:

    Haha Zazzle and pdi need to play some hacky sack together lol

  5. azac69* Says:

    Do I see a future partnership between Dreamworks and Zazzle developping? At the very least, I see them goin’ on a nice Sunday picnic together in Far, Far Away.

  6. Richard D Says:

    Too awesome for words!!!

  7. Nicole Says:

    He, he! I liked the drawing-on-windows!! Do your phones ring and then, no answer??

  8. Kevan Says:

    Me and Carlos drew them.

  9. Nathan Says:

    PDI loves Zazzle! Some designs from a former PDIer:

  10. samacleod Says:

    Wow! That is cool!

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