mc serch sez… pop goes the weasel cause the weasel goes pop


search v3

s’up zfans. the inzider is back from tippin’ 40s with his homies just in time to leak this juicy spyshot of zazzle’s new search. looks like products are HUGE now (only 3 across) which will make for eazy viewing. should be live soon, but you didn’t hear that from me. now on to da show.


6 Responses to “mc serch sez… pop goes the weasel cause the weasel goes pop”

  1. Potatocrisps Says:

    Tips from illiterate drunkards. My favorite kind.

  2. jeez Says:

    i don’t believe in any other…

  3. Billy B Says:

    Dude, classic post. How did you find that arsenio show clip? Classic… Did you see Serch on that White Rapper show?

  4. DT Says:

    Much better …. and I also like the changes to the design area where you get the option of two view sizes during the create process and the added little extra of the red award ribbon : )

  5. Occitania Says:

    Razor-sharp, precise tool search. Pointing to the fact that I needed to add a few key-words to the description zone in all my galleries. He, he!! Love the new red-ribbon award! Excellent idea too! Fun and useful!

  6. Clara Chandler Says:

    Love the ginormous images. Having problems when I use more than one tag to search. Sometimes the product will come up, sometimes now. Any ideas why?

    Thanks so much for all your hard work. You guys rock!

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