“Today’s Best” gets… better!


For a long time now, we’ve been selecting products from the marketplace to be showcased on the homepage in Today’s Best. The process for selecting these products is somewhat magical but I can say that it’s strongly dependent on community activity (# of views, sales, favorites, comments, etc).

Today’s Best ArchiveStarting today, we have a new email alert based off of Today’s Best! Whenever one of your products is added to the list, you’ll be immediately notified so that you can notify your friends and fans of your newfound supremacy! In addition, we have also created a Today’s Best Archive that showcases all of the products that have ever received this prestigious designation.

We’re tremendously excited by the increasing number of products being contributed and we want to leverage the community’s recommendations as much as possible to spotlight the best designs. Stay tuned for many more features and updates related to how products are featured on Zazzle.

4 Responses to ““Today’s Best” gets… better!”

  1. folkartblonde Says:

    thats awesome! good work Zazzle gods! i think you’ll find that many contributors are going to love this. :)

  2. DT Says:

    The new set up is really cool … I have a question on another matter if I may ask it here …. … like on another site I work with … I get a percentage of the ” whole ” purchase price … including framing, glass, wood for the canvases etc … because basically they wouldn’t be selling their frames if it wasn’t for peoples artwork… does that happen on here too .. or are zazzle way behind the times on this? …and if it doesn’t happen any chance of it maybe being a new policy : )


  3. Albert Hsu, Product Manager Says:

    DT, yup, contributors get a percentage of the whole purchase price which can be up to 17% if you refer the customer to Zazzle

  4. azac69* Says:

    This is a good idea. There have been a couple times when I was awarded a TB and didn’t know it until one of the other contributors was kind enough to point it out to me. Receiving email alerts will be great!

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