Zazzle at APE


Last weekend was SF’s Alternative Press Expo, or as the cool kids say “APE.” And when it comes to cool artist events that center around a community, you know that Zazzle has to be there, so we went… and what did we find? Well none other than a gaggle of awesome artists including some Zazzle contributors! Yes, contributors like Akayo1 and Heroicpub were there selling their stuff and just having a good ol’ time hanging out and chatting it up.

It was also interesting to see a lot of new media art. Artists were branching out from substrates like t-shirts and prints, and adding stuff like blank dolls (that they paint upon) and other “found” art objects like cigarette packs (soon to be the next custom product from Zazzle… j/k). All around, it was a great day, and to finish it off we listened to a talk by a legend in graphic novels, Art Spiegelman, the creator of the award winning Maus: A Survivor’s Tale.

Here are some pics from the event:


One Response to “Zazzle at APE”

  1. matthew kowalski Says:

    I am glad to see that zazzle is being represented in so many ways at so many places. I hope that they continue this work.

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