Zazzle at the Monkey Concert


Monkey Sticker So in case your into the Ska scene you might want to check out San Jose’s Monkey, a local SKA band and also a Zazzle contributor! When I heard that they were playing in San Jose, I decided that it would be worth checking out. So a few Zazzlers and I went, armed with the band’s Zazzle stickers (a little gift from Zazzlers) and of course with RobCam (I don’t think I have ever seen Rob without his camera, it is attached to his hip, literally). The opening acts, King Sugar and 880 South, were great warm ups, but the place really started to rock like a hotel on prom night when Monkey came onto to stage.

So, here’s the best part. It turns out the lead singer of Monkey actually works for Zazzle in our San Jose facility… we had no idea beforehand! We all had a good laugh about that while we enjoyed burritos from La Victoria after the show. Watch out for the chipotle sauce, indigestion to the max. See below from shots of the concert, I’m gonna go get a Tums.


4 Responses to “Zazzle at the Monkey Concert”

  1. JD Says:

    best blog everrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Bridge Says:

    Umm…I came to see some 880 South pics. Where are they? What’s all this about warmups? 880 South could have easily headlined this show. Sounds a bit unfair to call them warmups. It was still a fun show though.


  3. Curtis Says:

    880 south did a great show!

    In fact, all the bands that night were great. Here’s their links, in case you want check any of them out:

    880 SOUTH

    Thanks to the Zazzle your band team!


  4. Monkey Fan Says:

    Great pics and a great band! They are so fun live!

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