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ScottyOne of our avid Zazzle Custom Postage fans, happens to also be a big enthusiast of space travel, chance combination? I think not. Both involve technologies that really produce a “wow” effect for those who witness them. Anyway, he sent us the following story, regarding the recent death of James Doohan (Scotty from the original Star Trek), and a fantastic tribute to his memory:

Zazzle Stamps to be Flown into Space
On April 28, a rocket will be launched from Spaceport America near Upham, New Mexico. The rocket is called SpaceLoft XL and is built by UP Aerospace in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The rocket will fly a suborbital flight profile that will send it into space along with its cargo.

The cargo it carries includes a space module provided by Space Services Inc. of Houston, Texas. And inside the space module are individual capsules that contain a portion of the cremated remains of people who in their lifetime never had a chance to journey to space, but who will finally have the opportunity to now do so, with the respectful wishes of their families. This, called The Legacy Flight, will provide that dream of spaceflight.

One of those individuals aboard the rocket is James Doohan, the actor who portrayed Montgomery Scott ‘Scotty’ in the original Star Trek series. James Doohan passed away on July 20, 2005.

I later learned in the Fall of 2005 that James Doohan would be one of the participants aboard the Legacy Flight. I then began a quest to honor the memory of this fine actor, and to recognize the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series. I decided to create a series of official U.S. postage stamps depicting the images of the Starship Enterprise on them.

After 3 months of emails, phone calls and signing paperwork, I finally was able to receive permission to reproduce the images. Several of these stamps, produced in December of 2005 by, are now aboard the SpaceLoft XL rocket, soon to journey into space along with ‘Scotty’ and over 200 other individuals – on their ride to the edge of the stars…

Richard Kapp
Senior Spacecraft Systems Engineer

Star Trek Scotty Stamp

One note that should be mentioned… Due to strict copyright restrictions and licensing agreements, these PC Postage stamps were produced on a non-commercial use only basis, and cannot be sold. They will remain as a very special addition to my own portfolio of space related PC Postage.


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