Spoil Mom Crazy this Mother's Day


UPDATE: this contest is now closed. Please check the contest center for new contests.


(For those of you who are new to Zazzle Contests (beta!), make sure you read the About Zazzle Contests section.)

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re looking for the best designs that say ‘thank you’ to mothers, for all of the wonderful things that they do. We should really be giving thanks year-round (I mean, consider all of the diapers they changed when you were a baby!) but at the very least, we can make this Mother’s Day extra special. The sky is the limit in terms of what product you choose and what type of design you make, the only requirement is that it symbolizes thanks to mom.

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The winner of the the best design gets to spoil Mom rotten this year… it’s time to make up for all of those hand-drawn stick figures, stardard ol’ cards, and the times when you forgot to get her anything (yeah, we know you did):

  • $1,000.00 USD – COLD HARD CASH: whatever you want to do with it (we suggest giving her a whole weekend at the spa… or a night on the town with limo transportation)
  • Spoil Me Spa Tower: ala 1-800 FLOWERS ($159.99 value)… from chocolate truffles to green tea bath salts, this thing is off the hook!
  • Top-of-the-Line Framed Print: You can go bonkers using our media and framing options to create a family portrait that will last for generations to come. Do whatever you want for options, all the way up to $500. We suggest using a family photo, the Gloss Canvas UV media (it’s archival quality, meaning there’s literally no degradation after 100 years), and framing/matting options galore. Using Zazzle’s tools you can easily create something like the following (the images within the frames are just example placeholders):

mothersday_print1_sz150.jpg mothersday_print2_sz150.jpg mothersday_print3_sz150.jpg
(note: these three products are not eligible for entry in the contest)

How to Enter:

Submission deadline is 11:59 PM (PST) on May 7, 2007.

  1. Create your design and place it on a product (can be any product type … t-shirts, mugs, posters, stamps, you decide!). Make your product.
  2. Publish your product to the Zazzle marketplace with the tag “MothersDayContest2007” (find out how to tag your product). If you have already published your design prior to April 27, simply tag it “MothersDayContest2007” to submit it.
  3. You’re almost done! To give yourself added publicity, don’t forget to leave a comment below with a link to the product page of your entry.

IMPORTANT: You may only enter one design (on one product) to the contest. You may NOT enter the same design on multiple products and you may NOT enter multiple designs. If you do, only your first entry will be eligible to win. View the contest rules.

How is the winner selected?

  • Once your product is in the Zazzle marketplace, other users will be able to rate it, view it, comment on it and also buy it. All of these factors will be used to determine the top 25 entries from which an internal Zazzle judging panel will select the ultimate winner. This means that you should tell your friends and family about your entry and encourage them to show their support by rating it, leaving a comment or buying the product … the more visibility you get, the better your chances to win!
  • Note to International Users: Due to contest rules, only entries from individuals within the US are eligible to win the prize. We absolutely accept and appreciate all entries from *around the world* to celebrate Mother’s Day and every entry will be included in the Mother’s

Promote Your Entry!

  • Create a Zazzle panel showing all of the contest entries! Select a skin and click “Save & Finish” to get the embed code. Then place it on your blog, website, etc.
  • To learn how to embed your submission off of Zazzle, click “link to this” on the product page of your submitted design.

76 Responses to “Spoil Mom Crazy this Mother's Day”

  1. haidabeaver Says:

    Here’s my entry for this contest. A lovely garden of tulips for Mom!

  2. Nightmareartist Says:

    My entry is a sweet silhouette of a baby giving Mom a kiss. Done with an Arts and Crafts style in teal and lavender.

  3. totallypainted Says:

    Since you’re not able to legally award prizes to overseas winners, would you be able to give them Zazzle cash/coupons (applied to their earnings, maybe?) that they could use toward Zazzle purchases?

    Just wondering! :)

  4. Sheryl Black Says:

    Entry By: SHERYL500 On: 4-28-07

    Beyond Mother
    Get this custom mousepad at Zazzle

  5. Sheryl Black Says:

    Matching Greeting Card “Beyond Mother” Located:


  6. folkartblonde Says:

    Here’s my entry for the Mother’s Day contest. Good luck to everyone!

  7. Spice Says:

    Of course she’s the Queen Bee and proud of it. Help her spread the word with this humorous design . Featured on one of my favorite tops, but also available on a wide selection of other styles and gift ideas for this Mother’s Day.


  8. design_girl Says:

    My mom is dead, however I still celebrate mothers day. I celebrate her memory and the love tht I have for her.

  9. Clara Chandler Says:

    Shame the initial level judging is based on number of views, comments and ratings. All three methods are easily manipulated. Good luck to the artists who don’t have “ballot stuffers.”

  10. julez Says:

    i agree with Totallypainted about the international artists.

  11. Josh Reeves, Product Manager Says:

    Hi Clara, thank you for sharing this feedback. I wanted to allay some of your concern … we take community ratings/comments abuse very seriously and we are taking a number of steps to ensure that it is *unique* people making these ratings, comments, etc. across the marketplace. Your concern is important to us though and any additional feedback/suggestions you might have would be much appreciated! Please send them to feedback@zazzle.com.

  12. D & D Art Studio Says:

    Here is my entry. It’s a card thanking mom for everything tha she has done over the years!

  13. David Martinez-Celis (Vectorsmith) Says:

    I live in Mexico, so I can’t win any prizes, but here’s my entry nonetheless!


  14. Lilly Chic (kimfranzese) Says:

    Happy Mothers’ Day to my mom, may she rest in eternal peace… now that she has my dad…

    Here’s my contest entry:

    Shabby Chic Cottage Floral Mousepad
    Get this custom mousepad at Zazzle

  15. Lilly Chic (kimfranzese) Says:

    Here’s my Mother’s day design! Happy Mother’s Day to all of gods angels… AKA moms!

    If mother’s were flowers… I’de pick you!
    Get this custom mousepad at Zazzle

  16. Kerry Says:


    My entry is two photos of hands – a small child and mother and a grown woman and her aging mother. I wrote the verse inside for my own, very special mom. Hope you like it!

    Good luck everyone! :)

  17. totallypainted Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and Good Luck to all the contestants!

    Thank You Mom: http://www.zazzle.com/totallypainted/product/235584667767035865

  18. Vectorsmith Says:

    Hi, guys!

    I modified and updated my entry; this is the new URL: http://www.zazzle.com/VectorSmith/product/235866422023025358

    Good luck to everyone!

  19. Perlyyyy Says:

    Here is my entry for the mother’s day contest. I lost my mother almost 7 years ago but if she were here, this is the card that I would give to her. I miss her alot.


  20. Linda Hull Says:


    My Mother’s Day Contest entry is located at: http://www.zazzle.com/chatao/product/137117725952477576

    This card is for every woman who has been a mother figure to someone who is not her natural child. Blessings on these wonderful women who selflessly gave of themselves to make a difference in a life. I am thankful for all the women who have loved and mentored me! Happy Mother’s Day!

  21. HeatherReMix Says:

    My entry is a greeting card called “Mother Knows Best”. I was inspired by all of the things that my mom told me again and again. And again.


    Good luck everyone!

  22. WendyQZX Says:

    Here’s my entry. There are so many great ones already! Good luck, everyone! And Happy Mother’s Day, to all the moms and to all who love them.


  23. Amanda Elyse Says:

    Here is my entry for the Mother’s Day Contest.
    My mom always tells me she loves me every day.

  24. Schmeer Says:

    This is my Mother’s Day Contest entry. I really do mean what i said on the card and well, there are too many words to really cover it all so I send my love along with it! Hope you like!

    Good luck to all!


  25. ViolettoDesigns Says:

    Here is a link to my entry: http://www.zazzle.com/ViolettoDesigns*/product/137577091567580932 I would love to hear what you think! It is a Mother’s Day card. On the front it says “A Mother’s Love…” and on the inside it says “Is always in bloom. Thanks for always being there Mom.” Good Luck to everyone, I have been voting 5 stars to all the new ones that come it, any card or product devoted to Mom deserves 5 stars!! :)

  26. 1111809 Says:

    Wow. I didn’t notice until now how many people have posted comments here!
    I put my entry up yesterday. It’s simple, yet I thinks it says alot. It’s a sepia toned photo of a mother and child looking out the window at a passing train. I left the rest blank because I think that works best with it. It gives people a blank slate to write, in their own words, what they are thinking. I’ve browsed through the other entries and I think they are really great! I wish the best to everyone! Happy Mothers day to all of you wonderful moms out there!

  27. Jojosstuff Says:

    I’m not sure about the rest of you, but our pup Collin is just another kid to our mom. To her, he is her son and of course my brother. (My digging in dirt, romping in mud, always happy to see you brother) So my entry reflects the love and humor that comes when having a four-legged, furry addition to the family. Happy Mother’s Day mom and good luck to everyone. :)

    Here is a link to my entry:

  28. Jojosstuff Says:

    oooppppsss… I realized i listed my link wrong :)

    Here is the link to my Mother’s Day Entry.

    Thanks and enjoy.

  29. rdwnggrl (Stacy) Says:

    Here is a link to my entry! http://www.zazzle.com/rdwnggrl*/product/137527847291387774
    I hope you all like it!

  30. okcshelter Says:

    Here is the link to my Mothers Day entry. http://www.zazzle.com/okcshelter*/product/137041352818450188
    Thanks for looking.

  31. Slamdunks Says:

    Here’s our favorite Mother’s Day design, we love how it looks on the totebag!



  32. Lorrie Says:

    Here is my entry. Thank you!


  33. Lorrie Says:

    Oops, I got an error and the link is only half clickable. lol

  34. wolffreeborn Says:

    great entries so far!:)

    this is my entry-

  35. totallygraffiti Says:

    toppa designs!
    here’s mine~

  36. 1111809 Says:

    I realized that I didn’t put a link to my mothers day contest entry up here before when I posted. Here it is: http://www.zazzle.com/1111809/product/137612601515304871

  37. Grace (Horseshoes3) Says:

    Let the comments flow — my entry celebrates multiple moms – step-moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, and gay/lesbian moms. Some folks have multiple Moms to be thankful for. Let me know what you think! I’m on my way to view all of yours – Grace

  38. Grace (Horseshoes3) Says:

    Ok, third times the charm – Here is my link – I hope:

  39. SBCSTUDIO Says:

    Click on the link to view my Mother’s Day entry.
    The design expresses some of the most common things that moms do or have done for us that
    sometimes don’t get a thank you. This design I hope will convey
    how much we do appreciate the little things- plus perhaps also thank her
    for her style and desire to enjoy life -as it should be! Happy Mother”s Day to all and THANK YOU!

  40. wheelerles Says:

    I love my mom

  41. wheelerles Says:

    I can’t seem to get my site to post!!!

  42. Twinkles1955 Says:

    Here is my entry, hope you like it :) http://www.zazzle.com/product/137545076722700532

  43. RevJack Says:

    we’re sorry, but the MOTHER you have reached is temporarily out of order, or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error GO CRY TO YOU FATHER.

  44. dtdesigns Says:

    What a brilliant idea totallypainted had .. ( Since you’re not able to legally award prizes to overseas winners, would you be able to give them Zazzle cash/coupons (applied to their earnings, maybe?) that they could use toward Zazzle purchases? )

    I don’t have a mum… . but I do have the best woman in the world who has taught me so much and has been there for me through a lot … treats me as if I were her son … you know the old saying .. you cant pick your family .. well you can

    I wish you all good luck in the contest … any mother would love to receive any of these designs :)


  45. maximus7 Says:

    Get this customizable Mothers day Greeting Card at


  46. Janice Lawrence Says:

    Tell your mother that you have been listening all these years.

  47. Applesiders Says:

    Here’s my submission to the 2007 Mother’s Day Contest. Please check it out and let me know what you think.
    Thanks so much! :)


  48. tmspooner Says:


  49. sheryicc Says:

    This is for my mom who taught me to take time for the small things

  50. Clara Chandler Says:

    Well, here’s my contribution to the cause *smile* ~~CC

    Remains of the Day
    Get this custom card at Zazzle

  51. Johanna Says:

    I was wondering if I could still enter. I am currently staying in Canada for the summer, but am a US citizen. Am I still eligiable for the prizes?
    Thank you

  52. Artbyshel Says:

    This design is from one of my original paintings. The painting sold a few months ago but I felt the image was appropriate for Mother’s Day and I hope it expresses my thanks to my mom for raising 4 kids and keeping us safe until we were “Ready to Fly” on our own.


  53. Lilly (zooogle) Says:

    Here’s a link to my entry: “Cat’s Pajamas” on a t-shirt – It’s a cartoonish kitty in Mom PJ’s.

  54. aradovan Says:

    HI! Here’s my entry for the Mother’s Day Contest! I wish my mom lived closer to me, but I’m fortunate enough to have a mother-in-law whom I consider my mother as well! They are both strong, wonderful , loving women and I dedicate this to both of them, as well as to all moms!!! :) ~Angie


  55. Chris Says:

    Hello all!

    We all have our life thanks to a mother. Mothers are to be cherished and given an unconditional love. I try to tell my mother this regularly.

    This digital art is found at http://www.zazzle.com/leapyearbaby*

    PS: I love you MOM!!!

  56. bkang22 Says:

    Even if I don’t win this contest I won big by having a wonderful mom :)

  57. Clara Chandler Says:

    Just curious to learn why my comment hasn’t been “moderated.” It’s been over 24 hours, guys! I hope this won’t prevent my entry from being considered… eek!

  58. totallygraffiti Says:

    Same thing’s happening with mine…it’s been awaiting moderation for over 48 hours.

  59. Lesley Shuman Says:

    This is my design. I know it doesnt really looks as though it’s a real Mother’s Day kind of gift. Well, my mom isnt like other moms. She loves Dragonflies and they are very symbolic to her, and so I added two dragonflies on a shirt as a symbol of “like mother, like daughter.”

  60. akiliking Says:

    Here’s my mother’s day entry…

  61. ldcreative Says:

    Fun contest! here’s my entry:


  62. Julie Farrell Says:

    Her eis my entry, enjoy!


  63. Myka Jelina Says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Mommy’s out there.


  64. D & D Art Studio Says:

    Opps…I think I goofed the URL too. Here is my entry:
    Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

  65. Lilly (zooogle) Says:

    Here’s a link to my entry:

  66. 1111809 Says:

    I have left two comments here so far and both of them still haven’t been moderated. I’m really hoping this doesn’t effect my eligiblity for the contest.

    Here is another link to my entry: http://www.zazzle.com/1111809/product/137612601515304871

  67. Perlyyyy Says:

    Hi :) Can someone from Zazzle please explain exactly what time, date and how the winner will be announced? Because people are beginning to ask those questions. Thank you kindly!

  68. Josh Reeves, Product Manager Says:

    Hi folks, Josh from Zazzle here … the winner for the “Spoil Mom Crazy this Mother’s Day” contest will be announced on or before 11:59 PM (PST) on May 9, 2007. You have until the end of today (May 7th) to enter … only ~14 hours left!

    The “Most Worshipped Mom Action-Shot Contest” will be finishing on May 17, 2007 at 11:59 PM (PST) and the winner will be announced before 11:59 PM (PST) on May 18th.

    Good luck with both contests!

    P.S. A few of the comments above have mentioned a delay in “moderation” approval of their comment. We have this moderation step included to ensure we don’t receive spam comments. We’ll be approving the comments as soon as we see them. Apologies for the slight delay over the weekend. You’re product is submitted in the contest as long as it has the MothersDayContest2007 tag on it.

  69. Nikki Says:

    here is mine I am sure you guys will love it … check it out and comment please..lol

  70. quique9603 Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there…I think all moms are #1
    here is the link to my product…I hope anyway…if I did this right!

  71. Kelly Says:

    My entry sums up how I truly feel about my mom….she’s always there when I need her most and she always manages to uplift my spirits. She truly is “an angel in disguise”!


  72. Striker0368 Says:

    Here ya go MOM, What do ya think.

    Happy Mother’s DayQueen For A Day,
    Get this custom card at Zazzle

  73. Dequilla Says:

    My mother passed away when I was 18 years old, 32 years ago. I honour her with all my Mother’s Day designs. I still miss her a lot.

    I have four children myself.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers at Zazzle and on Zazzle.

    cheers, ruth

  74. ViolettoDesigns Says:

    Well – the winner gets announced today! Good luck to everyone!! Does anyone know where we are supposed to look to see who won? I suppose they will email us. Thanks so much for all the votes on my Mother’s Day card, I sold 4 of them so thank you to everyone who purchased and I hope your Mom really loves my card, it was made with love. The photo was taken in Baja, Mexico this last October, it was a 25th anniversary trip gift for my Parents from my husband and I, that is why I chose that photo, because it is special to my Mom. I bought one for her before I entered it in the contest. :)

  75. Josh Reeves, Product Manager Says:

    Hi folks, the contest winner has been announced at

    Thanks to everyone for participating and stay tuned for more contests coming soon!

  76. hzuz.com Says:


    Thanks for the information

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