Zazzle Me!


Zazzle Me Bad! Check out some awesome Zazzle Mes I’ve seen recently. It’s fun to just watch Pulse and see some of these pics randomly come up, or go on a treasure hunt and find them on products around the community (it’s better than going to a beach with a metal detector). And don’t forget that it is easier than pie to do it yourself. All you need is a camera and a Zazzle product (I haven’t seen many mug Zazzle Mes, that would be sweet).

Here are some of lastest ones I have seen, including litabug‘s entry into the Save the World Contest:

Litabug1 Litabug2

Cheried_Art Relax

The real question is though, can you find MY Zazzle Me on Zazzle? Prize for whoever finds it first (post a comment if you find it)….


9 Responses to “Zazzle Me!”

  1. Clara Chandler Says:

  2. This is Great! Says:

    Cant wait to see more!!

  3. Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac Says:

    ummm so neither of these comments are me…..I would look on the Zazzle site since that is the holy grail of Zazzle Mes

  4. litabug Says:

    Kind of like a batman episode. Pointless, but you can’t look away. :D

  5. Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac Says:

    woohoo litabug is just winning everything! ;)

  6. efatima Says:

    Way to go!!!
    Must feel great to be zazzling. ;)

  7. litabug Says:

    It’s fun to spend time on stuff like this when there are other things you really should be getting done. Procrastinators unite! Or at least maybe tomorrow we should think about it.

  8. abadu44 Says:

    Nice, putting the current blogs(top 3 blogs) on the home page at the bottom is a great help.

  9. nazaire Says:

    I need to order a few mugs and take some pics :)

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