Congrats Dreamworks – “Shrek the Third” opens BIG!


So just in case you live in a cave (and one that doesn’t have ogres) “Shrek the Third,” made by our glorious neighbors, Dreamworks, opened HUGE. Biggest opening for an animated feature ever… booya! So we decided to express our congratulations via signage:

Congrats Dreamworks

So while they’re all partying, painting themselves green and taking pictures with their Oscar, we’re busy cranking away on some cRaZy new stuff… that I can’t tell you about, heh. But it’s gonna be huge…


4 Responses to “Congrats Dreamworks – “Shrek the Third” opens BIG!”

  1. meatl0af Says:

    what’s the new stuff? Tell me, tell me. Shrek the Third! I will see it this week.

  2. jeez Says:

    we’re actually working on Shrek 4! Only we’re calling it Shrek “El Quatro” and it’s more of a puppet show than an animated feature.

  3. PROUD SIKH Says:

    wow, you guys really love ur neighbours……

    Shrek rocks !

  4. Monkey Fan Says:

    I saw shrek three over the weekend- I had true LOL moments and we liked it even BETTER than Shrek 2 or Spider Man 3

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