Designs from Real Life Zazzlers


Just about every day the design team here reminds me that I should do a post on the designs by Zazzlers gallery (where they collectively contribute products). Finally, the time has come. The gallery is definitely a creativity explosion – it’s got a ton of whacked out permutations of the word ‘Zazzle’ in different themes, styles, and more. When RobCam ( and I go on blogging trips I often wear a shirt from that gallery… gotta represent, ya know!

Anyway, I kept putting it off until I saw this animation from Serene, and it was definitely the straw that broke the blogging camel’s back:

Zazzle Me Serene

Check out the shirt she’s wearing called Man-Crafted by Zazzle, and the rest of the designs by Zazzlers are all at The design team frequently whips up cool new stuff, so join the fan club if you want email alerts on the latest-and-greatest.


4 Responses to “Designs from Real Life Zazzlers”

  1. Potatocrisps Says:

    Damn, that’s a sweet design..

  2. meatl0af Says:

    Why does it snow inside your building?

  3. Monkey Fan Says:

    that IS really cool

  4. write2chinu Says:

    Tee shirt design is cool but animation is blurred !

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